We plan on having 4 or more alumni-based events throughout the course of the year to compliment both Homecoming and Founder's Day Weekend. These include the Annual Brian Teeple Memorial Golf Outing in Gilbertsville, Pa each summer as well as a potential Alumni verses Undergrad flag football or softball game as well as brothers events to help with renovations at the house.


Homecoming October 16th to 18th



Random Alumni Fact:

We will be updating information about Alumni throughout the year, if you have any information you would like to notify others about or want to add anything simply e-mail and get that information out to others.

Welcome Beta Pentaton Alumni

Founders Day is coming up April 15th and 16th  (agenda under "Events" tab).

This website and Facebook page Phi Sigma Kappa Betapentaton are the resources we will use to communicate between Alumni and Undergraduates.  The postcard is a reminder of the upcoming dates, website page and Facebook page. If you want to learn more about what events are coming up, check out the "Events" tab.  You can check out our various Community Service projects through the Community Service tab and Scholarship opportunities by clicking on the Scholarship tab. How about who was president or when you pledged?  Those tabs are also available.

Alumni Dues and other donations can also be paid through PayPal under the"Fundraising" Tab and "Events" Tab.

Harry Hahnebach has updated the house to electric heat in order to be more efficient. We are also looking to completely overhaul the 3rd floor bathroom with new showers, toilets and vanity to make the house a lot nicer for the Undergrads.

I have also attached an Income to Expense report for review, it is located under the "Fundraising Tab"

Current Betapentaton Corporation Board of Directors are President Trevor Teasteano, Secterary Sean Kelly Treasurer Eric Wyatt Board of Directors, Jeff Kraus, Gerald Shegnowski, Scott Smith, Rick Gordon, Sean Kelly, Harry Hahnebach, John Lahey.

We are looking to open Board of Directors position as well as the Vice President of the Alumni Club

Any other questions, let me know.

Sean P. Kelly;

Beta Pentaton Alumni Corporation Secterary